Impeccable quality

Our range of ICT programmes are designed to suit the industry needs of all fields irrespective of your specific need – whether you are just after A/Ls, an IT professional seeking to further your specialisation or a non IT professional who seeks the know-how to manage day-to-day functional purposes.  Experienced lecturers with respective industry exposure, who add value to the curricular by sharing their insights and knowledge, conduct our programmes.

After A/Ls

The range of programmes offered help candidates to qualify to the chosen field within a shorter period of time with hands-on experience. These programmes will also help the nations IT force grow further while enhancing the skills of those keen on seeking employment overseas.

 Non-IT Professionals

The increasing dependence on technology irrespective of the field you are in demands sound ICT knowledge in addition to enhancing your efficiency and professionalism, which gives you that cutting edge competitiveness. Therefore, the programmes we offer for non-IT professionals include IT for Doctors, IT for Lawyers, IT for Engineers, And IT for Teachers, etc. Talk to us to find out about the most suitable programme to prepare yourself to face the growing complexities of tomorrow and beyond …

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