Practical Java Programmer

Introduction to Java


Design Concepts Part I


Design Concepts Part II

Flow Controls

Object Orientated Programming (OOP) Part I

Object Orientated Programming (OOP) Part II

Input Output (I/O) Operations

Threads & Strings


Revision With Theory

Java Data Base Connectivity (JDBC) MySQL

Advance Database Techniques (Hibernate/Persistence)

Jasper Reporting

Graphical Charts (JFreeChart)

Communication Ways in Java (Email & SMS)

Java Media Framework (Audio, Video, Image, Camera)

Finalizing Product (Setup Factory)

Final Examination

Project Presentation (Viva)


Assignment List:

Create a Research Report from jab vacancies & salary on Java.

Design a Calculator Interface.

Create Project Proposal for Final Project.

Create Calculator using NetBeans.

Create a small game.

Design all Interfaces for the final Project.

Create your own Text Editor.

Create a Chat Application

Complete Final Project Database Transactions

Create all Reports related to Final Project

Create all Charts related to Final Project

Implement SMS and Email to Final Project

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